6 Steps to become FBA Seller on Amazon

If you want to sell your products beyond your store or online-shop, Amazon provides a number of benefits. Their marketplace enables you to reach a vast number of customers. To open a seller account you will be required to provide certain information and data. In this section you will learn step-by-step which data you will be providing to set up a professional seller account.

1. Bank account, Credit- or Debit Card

You are required to provide a payment method for Amazon to charge their fees for services like storage, sales or shipment. There is a choice of several payment methods. You can either provide a bank account or your credit- or debit-card number. Amazon will accept international credit cards.

2. Phone Number of FBA seller

Provide your current telephone number including country code.

3. Private or Professional

Here you can choose if you want to sell as a private individual or on a professional basis. You should not opt for private individual, if you plan to sell long term and in quantities beyond what a single household would sell.

  • Company Details

Enter the name of your company. If you are a sole proprietor, enter your name. Provide the date your company was registered.

  • Address

Provide the address where your company was registered. If you registered as private individual, provide your home address.

4. Primary contact

Primary contact is usually the owner of the account. It might as well be the person with access to the payment account and induces transactions. Be cautious with the choice of the primary contact, as this person will have full access to the payment account and has the responsibility for the transactions. Still, all transactions induced by the primary contact count as induced by the account owner. Of course this is not relevant for a sole proprietor.

  • Identity

Provide a scan of the passport or id-card of the primary contact.

  • Place of Residence

Provide the current place of residence of the primary contact. It may differ from the address showing on the ID-card.

5. Information on the beneficial owner of the business

If you have a registered business you will have been asked to provide information on the beneficiary or owner of the business. A beneficial owner is a natural person that either owns the business or holds a share of more than 20% of the business. A natural person that controls the management of a company qualifies as beneficial owner. As a sole proprietor, most likely you are the beneficial owner.

You are asked to provide the following data on the beneficial owner(s):

  • Identity

Provide the name of the beneficiary exactly as stated in the passport or ID-card, including middle names.

  • Place of Residence

Provide the current address of the beneficial owner.

Please note: Amazon may require proof of address. You may check your address with an invoice for your public utility provider for electricity or water. A bank statement should be accepted as well.

6. Bank account of FBA seller

Finally, you will be asked to provide a bank account where Amazon will transfer the revenue from your sales. It is important, that you or the beneficial owner is the owner of the bank account or has full authority over it.

If you want to read more about this topic, you can check the page at Amazon about it.

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