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Customers in the Netherlands will for the first time be able to purchase physical products via Until recently Dutch customers could only purchase E-Books on the website. For all other products, customers were transferred to a translated page on In 2020 Amazon started to opened up the NL-marketplace to a much broader range of products. finally gets his very own market place

It was only three years ago that Amazon provides customers in the Netherlands with a localized version of the German marketplace. Now time has come to grow itself. Amazon is setting up an autonomous marketplace for the Netherlands containing all categories. For E-Commerce the Netherlands is quite an attractive market. 96% of the population are using the Internet. Until now, Amazon had 5 European marketplaces:,, Amazon, UK, and has been around since 2014, but the offer had always been restricted to E-books and E-readers. Since 2019, customers in the Netherlands could get Prime membership.

Larger EU-market fo sellers - better service for customers

Over the course of this year will transform to a full-scale marketplace for physical products, providing a better service to Dutch customers. As in other marketplaces, local and international products will be made available. Product descriptions and titles will no longer be translations from German but independent texts in the local language.

Every European Amazon Seller can register to sell on

So for you being a seller, this is a great opportunity to expand your sales in the European Union.

Simple registration process for sellers

Amazon Netherlands

If you are already selling on Amazon, you do not need to set up an additional another account to offer your products on With an EU sales account, you were already qualified to offer your products on the French, Italian, Spanish, UK and German marketplaces. When you opt in on “selling on” you can prebook to be registered as a seller on with a simple click.

Opportunity for Amazon Netherlands sellers with low competition

So far, the Dutch Online-Market has been dominated by Still, there are few Amazon sellers from the Netherlands. Experience of local sellers is limited and competition is still low. So, this should be a sound opportunity to generate good sales on

What will change as Amazon Netherlands seller?

If you already sell with an EU seller account, you are now entitled to serve six different European markets. If your business is located in Germany, you won’t even need a new VAT-ID as the storage and shipment is done from Germany, at least for now. There is no extra monthly fee for entering the NL marketplace if you operate a professional account. Amazon already provides information on how to expand your sales to on Seller Central Europe and will keep you informed as the rollout continues.

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