Amazon offers a wide variety of categories you can sell products on. Some of them are restricted and require approval from Amazon while more than 20 categories are open without further restrictions. Hardware shop, software and office supplies are among the so-called open categories. These are open to private seller accounts and professional seller accounts. With a professional account you may also sell in categories like beauty, fashion & clothing, watches and jewelry, but you will need approval from Amazon. With the approval procedure Amazon wants to ensure sellers stick to standards and quality attributes. These quality standards help to keep customer confidence high, when they purchase these products on the Amazon Marketplace. 

Overview - open Amazon categories and product examples

In the overview below you find all open categories that do not require approval from Amazon for your listing. There are product examples for each category. Note that for some categories only brand-new products are allowed, while other categories are open to used, rebuilt and certified products as well as collector items. You can only sell brand new baby products, shoes or handbags. Office supplies, Electronics or computer accessories instead could be used or rebuilt as well.


Product examples

Product condition

Car & Motorcycle

Tools, spare parts and accessories


Baby products

Baby stroller, pacifier, baby phone


Hardware store

Floor cover, tools, measurement

new, used, rebuilt and certified


Light bulbs, flashlight, LEDs

new, used, rebuilt and certified

Books, music, video, CDs

Books, Music, VHS, DVD, Blu-ray

new, used

Office supplies

Fax, Copier, printer, office furniture, stationary, toner

new, used, rebuilt and certified, collectors items

Computer and accessories

Tablet, notebook, Hard-disk, Headset, USB-Stick, keyboard

new, used, rebuilt and certified

Electronics and accessories

TV-set, camera, HIFI, Smartphones

new, used, rebuilt and certified

House and garden

Plants, flowers, garden tools and -furniture

new, used, rebuilt and certified

Pet products

Fish tank, pet food, riding saddle

new, used

Kitchen & household

Kitchenware, tableware, vacuum cleaner

new, used

Musical instruments & DJ equipment

Instruments, recording & DJ equipment, stage equipment

new, used, rebuilt and certified

Shoes and handbags

Sneaker, sports shoe, accessories, handbags



Software for offices, antivirus software

new, used, collectors items

Sports and leisure

Sportswear and -equipment, tents, bicycles

new, used, rebuilt and certified, collectors items

Video games

Video- and computer games, gaming accessories

new, used

Accessories for Amazon devices

Accessories for Amazon-devices (Kindle, Alexa)

new, used, rebuilt and certified

Because Amazon updates their categories regularly, you can find the latest overview on the Amazon site here: Overview of Categories

Overview: restricted Amazon categories and product examples

Product listings in below categories require Amazon’s approval. If you meet Amazon’s criteria your request will be approved


Examples of acceptable products

Product condition


Body Lotion, Make-up, Perfume



Ladies-, Men’s-, children clothing


Beer, wine and liquor

Beer, wine, spirits, liquor


Drugstore and personal hygiene

Shampoo, skin care products


Food and beverages

Bread, bakery, coffee, tea


Toys and children products

Plush toys, puzzles, costumes, exercise books

new, used, rebuilt and certified, collectors items

Watches and jewelry

Watches and jewelry for Ladies, gents and kids, accessories


Improper products not to be sold on Amazon

Be aware that all products offered need to meet the relevant regulations and laws. Amazon will remove improper offers. But what are improper products?

If you are selling watches and jewelry, certificates of authenticity are required. If the certificates are missing, you cannot legally sell these products via Amazon. In the car & motorcycle category, used spare parts would be considered improper.

If you want to read more about the tariffs and fees at Amazon, then check my article “Tariffs and fees for Amazon sellers”

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