Managing Amazon FBA and FBM orders

If you are a seller and want to check customer orders in your Seller Central account, just click “orders”, then “manage orders”. On the “manage orders” page you can view all customer orders across all sales channels. You can customize this view in many ways like display all orders within a certain time frame or filter by sales channel marketplace and a few other criteria. To view details of a certain order, click the order number, then order details. Here you find all information and options needed to complete your order.

The options are:

  • Print a packing slip (Amazon’s delivery note)
  • Contact seller
  • Enter order reference
  • View product details

Print a packing slip

The delivery note is shipped with the delivery. You can re-print it. You could also replace Amazon’s standard form with your delivery note

Contact Customer

When you are the sender of the products, here you find their phone number and email address. If the order is fulfilled by Amazon, you do not see the customers contact details. In case you want to contact the customer, you need to follow a defined procedure

Enter order number

Here you can replace Amazon’s order reference with your order number

View product detail

Here you can view all product details and enter additional details

Product Shipment of FBA and FBM products

Until the shipment of the order is confirmed, its status remains as “not sent”. If you are responsible to ship the order, you need to confirm the shipment within 30 days. If you fail to confirm the shipment, the order will be cancelled and you will not receive a payment. Amazon provides a reminder one week ahead of the 30-days-deadline with a request to confirm the shipment before a certain date. You will also receive a reminder email from Amazon. To avoid cancelling, you should react in time. If the order is fulfilled by Amazon, you do not need to confirm the shipment as this is done by Amazon.

Pending and Cancelled FBA and FBM orders

In the “Manage Orders” view you can also filter out cancelled orders and pending orders. You can only view them, there are no options available. An order can be pending for different reasons. There might be an issue with the payment, for example Amazon did not get an authorization for the credit card of the customer. Reviewing order and payment data can take up to 21 days. Another reason for a pending order is that not all items are available yet, so the order is incomplete and held back by Amazon until the shipment is complete.

Important: Do not send out a shipment when the status of the order is pending. If the customer contacts you to cancel the order, ask him to get in touch with Amazons Customer Service.

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