The Benefit of Amazon´s FBA

Selling easy across Europe with Amazon FBA

It is cost and time-consuming for you as a seller to store, pack and ship products and do customer service all by yourself. Instead, you can benefit in a number of ways by using “Shipment by Amazon”. You can increase the visibility of your products and raise your sales opportunities with Shipment via FBA. You can sell throughout Europe and let Amazon take care of storage, shipment and customer service. With FBA, you can extend your reach and increase sales.

How to use Amazon FBA

All you need is to create a shipment on the Seller Central Portal and send your products to one of The Amazon Fulfillment Centers. Amazon will store your inventory, which qualifies your offer and shipments for the Prime program. Customer Service will be provided by Amazon, so customers can contact Amazon with questions. Returns will be handled by Amazon as well, so you can focus on your main priorities. Qualifying products will be sent as Premium shipments.

What is the benefit of Prime-status

Prime products are ranked on top of the result pages that millions of customers see. With Prime delivery, customers will receive their product on the very next day. Amazon even guarantees the shipment to the promised delivery date. If customers need fast delivery, they appreciate being able to rely on Prime deliveries. So, Prime products reach a larger customer group which should help to boost your sales.

How to start with Fulfillment by Amazon

1. List your products and choose “Shipment by Amazon”

If you are a registered seller on Amazon, you can choose the option “Shipment by Amazon” when you create a listing for a new product. You will be guided step by step through the setup process.

2. Send your products to the Amazon Fulfillment Center

In the next step, you will send your products to the Amazon Fulfillment Center. You can either choose your career or use Amazon’s Shipping-Partner Program. When the products are received in the Fulfillment Center, Amazon staff will scan and store the products for you.

3. Products are flagged for “Shipment by Amazon”

Now these products will be flagged with the “Shipment by Amazon” badge. In addition, qualifying products will show the Prime-Logo. The shipment of Prime products is free of charge for customers using Amazon’s Prime program. This makes your products more attractive and increase chances to be displayed in the shopping cart.

4. Picking, packing and shipment from a Fulfillment Center

If a customer order is received, Amazon will pick the products, pack them and ship them to customers throughout Europe. Amazon will then communicate a tracking number for the shipment.

5. Localized Customer Service and Customer Returns

Amazon provides customer Service in the local language for each market, making it easier for you to expand internationally. You don’t even have to worry about customer returns and refunds. They too will be handled internationally by Amazon.

As you see, Fulfillment by Amazon provides a number of benefits you might want to enjoy.

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